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Data Engineering Analyst- Data Science Engineer @ Telstra

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6 July 2024 11:59pm

Job Title

Data Engineering Analyst- Data Science Engineer

Job Summary

As a Data Engineering Analyst, you create and provide access to high quality and reliable data solutions. In collaboration with your colleagues you deliver and develop best practice data solutions and pipelines. You are known for the integrity and accuracy of data that enables quality data-driven business decisions and equip Telstra to deliver better customer and business outcomes. In a DevOps model, you will develop the data pipelines using Continuous Integration; Continuous Deployment (CICD) techniques. 

Job Description

Job Description:

We are seeking a highly skilled and motivated Data Science Specialist to join our Data Engineering team at Telstra. As a Data Science Specialist, you will play a crucial role in building and deploying end-to-end Data Science applications to drive insights and innovation in our telecom business.


  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify business requirements and define data science objectives.
  • Design, develop, and deploy scalable data engineering and data science solutions to extract, transform, and load data from various sources.
  • Apply advanced statistical and machine learning techniques to analyse large datasets, perform predictive modelling, and generate actionable insights.
  • Develop data pipelines and workflows to enable efficient data processing, feature engineering, and model training.
  • Work with Senior Data Science Specialists Implement best practices for data governance, data quality, and data security.
  • Stay up to date with the latest advancements in data science and emerging technologies to drive continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Communicate findings, insights, and recommendations to both technical and non-technical stakeholders in a clear and concise manner.


  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, Data Science, or a related field
  • Proven experience (4-8 years) in ML engineering, data science, or a similar role
  • Strong programming skills in languages such as Python, R, or Scala
  • Experience with data manipulation, transformation, and analysis using SQL and/or NoSQL databases.
  • Knowledge of end-to-end machine learning lifecycle and best practices.
  • Experience in machine learning techniques, including regression, classification, clustering, and recommendation systems.
  • Familiarity with big data technologies such as Apache Hadoop, Spark, or similar frameworks
  • Experience with cloud platforms, such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform
  • Familiarity with data engineering principles, including data modelling, ETL/ELT processes, and data warehousing.
  • Experience with version control systems, such as Git
  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills, with a keen attention to detail
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills to work effectively in a cross-functional team environment.

Good to have:

  • Knowledge of data visualization tools, such as Power BI to effectively communicate insights
  • Knowledge of MLOps frameworks and ML architecture

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