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Northern California Behavioral Health System

Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) - (Santa Rosa)

location icon Santa Rosa, California, United States

POSITION TITLE: Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

REPORTS TO (TITLE): Director of Social Services (DSS)


The BCBA assumes the responsibility for supporting the clinical team in the development of behavior plans, behavioral analysis of selected target behaviors, education of staff in plan procedures, supervising RBTs, facilitating skill acquisition groups, supporting the family/caregiver with behavioral training, providing appropriate referrals and resources for aftercare support post discharge. 


·         Enhances the delivery of effective and measurable behavioral treatment to patients.

·         Maintains and improves clinical data feedback loops between direct care staff and the clinical staff.

·         Data collection forms, procedures, monitoring and analysis.

·         May delegate certain data entry functions as needed, but remains responsible for the integrity of all program behavioral data.

·         Assists in the development of behavioral assessment and behavioral treatment protocols under the guidance of the DSS.

·         Performs formal behavioral analysis procedures for selected target behaviors.

·         Coordinates behavioral assessment and treatment protocols for selected patients.

·         Models and teaches behavioral plans to staff, families, and caregivers.

·         Prepares and maintains data collection sheets, other clinical data forms, graphing and data analysis for patients.

·         Documents services provided using electronic medical record system.

·         Supports the family/caregiver through scheduling sessions and facilitating effective training of family/caregivers.

·         Consults other departments as appropriate to collaborate on patient care and performance improvement activities.

·         Facilitates groups towards skill acquisition, including social skills, ADL support, behavior modification, sensory regulation, etc.

·         Participates in weekly meetings with Director of Social Services to provide program updates.

·         Support with facilitating monthly all-staff meetings to ensure staff and program adherence to policy, procedure, and regulations with Director of Social Services.

·         Upholds the Organization's ethics and customer service standards.

·         This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive.  Employee may perform other related duties as required to meet the ongoing needs of Santa Rosa Behavioral Healthcare Hospital.

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Publication date: 2024-02-13
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