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(Global) Research Engineer· Lunit INSIGHT

location icon Seoul, Seoul, Korea, Republic of
Full Time

Conquering cancer through AI

Lunit, a portmanteau of ‘Learning unit,’ is a medical AI software company devoted to providing AI-powered total cancer care.

Our AI solutions help discover cancer and predict cancer treatment outcomes, achieving timely and individually-tailored cancer treatment.

🗨️ About the team

Who will I spend my day with?

  • You will work in the cancer screening group of the AI research department, with a group of enthusiastic and talented AI researchers and engineers. We contribute to real-world products, while also solving meaningful and applied research projects.
  • The teams and members of the department have diverse cultural backgrounds (5 nationalities!), experience, and interests.
  • We have an open and free culture. Most people love to socialize and chat, but you are not expected to and are also free to opt-out.

How do they bond as a team?

  • Our team fosters a friendly and open environment, encouraging idea-sharing and collaboration in research, engineering, and team events.

🗨️ About the position

What will make me proud to work here?

  • You will be able to make a direct impact on our mission to conquer cancer through AI, by contributing to software that is used in real hospitals around the world.
  • Your work will push forward our AI research frameworks, inference engines, and performance of the AI models. Lunit has best-in-class products thanks to these components.
  • We have access to very large in-house labeled and unlabeled datasets and the cloud computing power to leverage them.
  • Current projects span a variety of topics, including but not restricted to object detection, semantic segmentation, large-scale self-supervised learning, domain generalization, active learning, multi-task learning, ML pipelines, among others.
  • We contribute back to the community through publications, blog posts, dataset releases, and the organization of public events such as machine learning challenges.
  • Experience personal and professional growth by working on diverse projects and collaborating with talented multi-disciplinary teams.

🚩 Roles & Responsibilities

  • Develop, and implement high-quality medical AI research frameworks, ML pipelines, and products for advancing healthcare.
  • Contribute to large-scale and distributed inference engines.
  • Enhance the maintainability, reliability, and efficiency of both new and existing AI software for various applications in cancer screening.
  • Produce high-quality software by refactoring existing research frameworks or adopting new technologies and libraries
  • Create innovative medical AI models by implementing or proposing cutting-edge methodologies and contributing to research projects.
  • Collaborate closely with research scientists, engineers, and medical doctors on diverse real-world AI projects.

🚩 Tools Used

  • Programming languages/framework: Python, PyTorch, MLFlow, Ray, Prefect
  • Infrastructure: Google Cloud Platform
  • General: Git, Docker, Confluence, Jira


🎯 Qualifications

  • 2+ years of professional experience in the IT industry
  • Experience in machine learning engineering or research engineering in the AI industry
  • Experience with Python, unit/integration testing, documentation, Git, collaborative code development, MLOps, and Docker
  • Familiarity with machine learning frameworks and platforms(e.g., PyTorch, Tensorflow, MLFlow)
  • Experience in bringing machine learning-based software to production
  • B.Sc., M.Sc, or Ph.D. degree in computer science or a related field
  • Keen eye and attention to detail
  • Team player with experience working in teams with 3+ members
  • Passion for machine learning engineering, research, and software engineering’s best practices

🏅 Preferred Experiences

  • Experience with parallel, distributed, and cloud computing (e.g., GCP, AWS, or Azure)
  • Experience with frameworks like TensorRT and openVINO
  • Ability to communicate and write technical reports in English
  • Contributions to open-source repositories in computer vision, machine
  • Stimulate and push various initiatives within a team, e.g., code refactoring, dissemination of knowledge, culture-related events, etc
  • Strong desire to have an impact in healthcare and conquer cancer through AI

📝How to Apply

  • CV (resume, free format, in English)

🏃‍♀️ Hiring Process

  • Document Screening → Introductory Interview → Assignment → Competency-based interview → Culture-fit Interview → Onboarding
    • Competency interview Includes two parts:
      • A short presentation describing the assignment
      • Technical Interview
    • All interviews are conducted in English
    • After the final interview, we may proceed with reference checks if needed

🤝 Work Conditions and Environment

  • Work type: Full-time
  • Work location : Lunit HQ(5F, 374, Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)
  • Salary: After negotiation


  • If you misrepresent your experience or education or provide false or fraudulent information in or with your application, it may be grounds for cancellation of the employment.
  • Lunit is committed in providing the preferential processing to those eligible for employment protection (national merits and people with disabilities) relevant to related laws and regulations.


🌻 Benefits & Perk

  • The new office is one minute away by foot from Gangnam Station Exit 3 making it very convenient
  • Up to 12, 000 won is covered for both lunch and dinner when working at the office.
  • Up to 300,000 won is covered upon joining to decorate your personal workspace
  • Provide the latest computer models, such as Macs and 4K monitors, and renew them every three years
  • Attending seminars and purchasing books are covered
  • Regular in-house AI and medical seminars are held
  • Korean language education is provided for Lunitians who do not speak Korean as their first language
  • Access high-quality AI learning resources & deep learning DevOps system
  • Up to 1.2 million won worth of benefits points can be claimed annually
  • Korean National holiday gift: Seollal and Chuseok gift/voucher
  • Annual medical checkups and employee accident insurance are provided
  • Financial support for participation in employee gatherings (once a month)
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