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location icon Buffalo, New York, United States

Paralegals and Legal Assistants from the NYS Division of Human Rights


  • Screening: Conducts introductory interrogations to ascertain whether an individual has the jurisdictional basis to file a complaint.
  • Intake: Responds to walk-in, telephone, and/or written inquiries.
  • Prepares evidence to be placed into files.
  • Receives and collates mailed documentation.
  • Verifies, tabs, and enters information into case files.
  • Processes case-related mail/document gathering and other general office tasks (i.e. typing, scanning, photocopying, faxing, filing, answering telephones, stamps outgoing mail, and distributes incoming mail and greeting incoming complainants)
  • Tailors requests and logs supplemental information from Complainants and Respondents
  • Confirms Complainant and Respondent information.
  • Directs mail once an investigation is started.
  • Contacts parties to see if willing for conciliation.
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