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Grand Lodge, Masonic Homes & Acacia Creek

Acacia Creek Caregiver - Full Time

location icon Union City, California, United States

Pay Range: $15.50 - $18.50


  • Effective January 2008 and in compliance with new state regulations the Assisted Living Certified Nursing Assistants must complete medication assistance training and pass the competency exam with a minimum passing score of 85%.
  • Actively support the basic rights of all residents. Develops a relationship as a “best friend” to residents. Strives to develop a knack for dealing positively with residents. Knows the life stories of residents and provides care and intervention that is focused on each individual and their needs.
  • Perform skills required of a nursing assistant related to provision of basic ADL care, provision of nutrition and hydration, toileting program, incontinent care, vital signs, and other care as needed. Adapt care giving to build on individual resident strengths and abilities.
  • Assist residents to maintain a safe, clean and orderly environment. Assists residents with linens, bed making and laundry as needed.
  • Assist residents with transportation to meals, activities, beauty shop, clinic appointments, outside doctor appointments.
  • Ensure safety of residents by maintaining a safe environment and using appropriate behavioral intervention techniques.
  • Assist resident’s self-administration of medication as need. Document medication assistance provided. Report problems or refusal of medications to clinic nurse and/or pharmacy.
  • Provide support and guidance to residents for blood sugar monitoring and other assistance with adaptive equipment or basic care.
  • Complete all required documentation related to centrally stored medications, medication refills, etc. Reorders medications from pharmacy.
  • Maintain an awareness of resident health. Informs appropriate staff (supervisor, nursing supervisor, etc.) of any incidents or changes in resident condition.
  • Document resident care, behavior and special needs as required by policy and procedure.
  • Participates in unit meetings and education programs.
  • Communicates and cooperates with co-workers and residents. Establishes good working relationships with all departments. Practices good teamwork.
  • Regular attendance and punctuality.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
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Publication date: 2023-09-20
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