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Associate Content Manager (Part-Time)

location icon Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

The Associate Content Manager will support our Creative and Client Services teams by uploading content for our games into our content management system, creating tracking documents, and resolving testing issues, as well as assisting our Client Services team with running reports, editing & creating various documents, and helping resolve other client-related issues on an as-needed basis.

A successful candidate is:

  • Detail Oriented – you’re checking, double checking, and making suggestions to improve all content that comes onto your desk.
  • Collaborative – you’re comfortable and articulate when communicating with fellow team members, peers, and key stakeholders.
  • Positive – you proactively approach your work with the whole team in mind and respond to edits with a positive attitude.
  • Technically Savvy – while you might not know how to code like a pro, you understand how websites and digital technology work and can learn how to use new software quickly.
  • Curious – willing to look beyond the basic requirements of getting your tasks done and find out how and why something works the way it does and recommend improvements at you become familiar with our system
  • Determined and Disciplined – achievement-oriented; optimistic about what can be; you pursue quality in everything you do; can work on your own after training with minimal guidance.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Development of basic creative assets and uploading of that content as well as content provided by the Creative team for all games into our content management system.
  • Create planning documents based on existing templates for text-based games, participate in the routing and approval process through Writing/Client Services review, and upload content into our database.
  • Work with QA/Project Managers during game testing to make edits to the content in our system.
  • Communicate with our developers about any questions, bugs, or other issues you encounter in the content management system.
  • OWN the content management process – you will learn and be able to advise other team members on the specifics of game configurations, work with our developers to make edits/resolve issues with the system, and make sure content works as expected throughout the promotion life cycle.
  • Run reports for Client Services on various aspects of client programs.
  • Provide administrative support for Client Services on an as-needed basis.
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