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Corporate Data Analyst Degree Apprentice - 36 Months + EPA

location icon GB, London
You will be part of the UK Corporate Data Analyst Team and will be aligned to one of the following business areas – Finance, Fashion, On-line stores, UK Retail, Technology. As you progress you will understand how data is used within your sector to enable insight and efficiency. You will develop strong Analysis skills that can be applied in multiple environments preparing you for success.

Find your Future with Amazon Apprenticeships

Investment in Apprentices is in our DNA. We look to constantly innovate and create. In order to do this, we recognize that whilst technology is a partner, it’s our people that power us.

We offer a broad range of Apprenticeship opportunities to suit all candidates with different backgrounds, qualifications and career aspirations, so whether you are embarking on your career or want a change of direction, we have an Apprenticeship program for you, that will support your development in an innovative environment.

We’re looking for those with a passion for learning. You’ll need to be committed to your own development whilst implementing what you are learning as you progress through your program. In return we provide first class on the job coaching, specialist partner training and unparalleled experiences. You’ll be working within a diverse, innovative environment where you will be encouraged to excel and contribute.

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Your role is to ascertain how data can be used in order to answer questions and solve problems. You will be responsible for requirement-gathering, inspecting, cleansing, transforming and modelling data with the goal of discovering useful information, informing conclusions and supporting decision-making.

You will need to have strong communication skills as you will be liaising and sharing your work with different stakeholders. You will also need a good eye for details as you will be working with a lot of data and information that requires accuracy when handling the workload.

Across the program you will gain and develop Data Analysis skills and be involved in the following:

· Implement the stages of the data analysis lifecycle
· Apply principles of data classification within data analysis activity
· Analyze data sets taking account of different data structures and database designs
· Assess the impact on user experience and domain context on data analysis activity
· Identify data sources and the risks and challenges to combination within data analysis activity
· Select and apply the most appropriate data tools to achieve the optimum outcome.

As a Data Analyst Apprentice at Amazon, you’ll gain a vast range of useful experiences and skills. You will work towards the Level 6 Data Analyst apprenticeship standard and also work towards the BSc (Hons) in Digital & Technology Solutions.

You will build your skills over a 36-month period, starting in September. These skills will help you develop personally and professionally. Your apprenticeship will be made up of:

• Classroom/virtual based training to cover knowledge
• On-the-job training at your Amazon base location – either within a corporate office or in an operations warehouse
• Online learning
• Mentoring from our experienced team members

Alongside extensive development of your technical skills, you will also grow your abilities in crucial complementary areas like organization, prioritization, data and problem-solving techniques, teamwork, communication, presentation skills and document writing.

You will work alongside the team, supporting with day to day tasks learning how Amazon works and delivers for its customers. As your knowledge and skills increase over the duration of the scheme you will have opportunities to be part of and guide projects, making a difference for customers. The on the job experience will help you build a portfolio of evidence towards your apprenticeship. You will be given dedicated time to focus on your studies to help you stay on track and work towards successfully completing your qualification(s). Once you have successfully completed your Data Analyst Degree Apprenticeship you will be able to apply for relevant roles globally across Amazon.

You will attend a number of workshops across the duration of the apprenticeship. Workshops will be a mix of face to face and online, delivered by a training provider. You will also attend internal workshops/ trainings to support you in developing Amazon related skills and knowledge. Depending on the scheme and location of the training provider you may be required to travel and stay overnight. (costs will be supported by Amazon)

Key job responsibilities
You will be combining working in your assigned team as a Data Analyst Apprentice whilst continuing your studies to achieve your qualification. As a working student your focus is to complete your studies in your 20% off the job time by learning and developing your skills, knowledge and behaviors to work towards successful graduation. You will be set objectives and goals by your training provider and manager to support your studies.

About the team
Amazon is the perfect place to start your career as Data Analyst. Our Data Analyst apprentices can work across a number of tech and non-tech teams in Amazon, supporting the business team in completing ad hoc data requests and analyses as needed. You will develop reporting using Tableau and Quick sight for repetitive data tasks where data pipelines/queries are already in place (concessions, CS metrics, operations), automation of manual processes and undertaking deep dive on metrics to help the business team understand metric changes, utilizing trend analysis.

We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations:

London, GBR
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Publication date: 2023-09-20
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